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How Twilio Saved $360K on Outside Legal Spend and Thousands of Hours by Handling Discovery In-House
Download this case study to learn how the world’s leading customer engagement platform has jettisoned a time- and resource-intensive discovery process dependent on outside counsel and off-the-shelf tools for a streamlined approach that yields six-figure annual savings.
As one of the world’s leading customer engagement platforms, Twilio leverages the power of the cloud to enable personalized interactions and trusted global communications via web service APIs.
As in most tech companies, Twilio’s internal toolset is largely cloud-based: Slack, Gmail, Google Docs, and the like. So, when a dispute or investigation arises, these are the data sources they need to preserve, collect, search and produce. And they need to do it fast.

Get your copy of this new case study and learn how they saved more than 1,470 hours and $360K in outside legal costs — without compromising bandwidth.

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